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Govt. of Maharashtra & All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) Affiliated to Maharashtra state board of technical education (MSBTE), Mumbai
Department Applied Science And Humanities
Today’s engineers and scientists need a well formulated background in applied sciences and humanities in order to make well reasoned decisions involving human values implicit in technical careers and to excel in communication skills in the globally competitive world .The department of Applied science offers a variety of stimulating, specialized and revised subjects that investigate among the natural sciences, technology and humanities. The focus of applied science department is to provide in-depth knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Communication skills that will form a firm foundation to build engineering and management careers in various disciplines.

Department provides an encouraging environment to develop the intellectual capacity, critical thinking, creativity & problem solving ability of the students. Department is taking more focused and multidimensional efforts to make “foundation “of the students as strong as possible.

They are closely associated with first year students for counseling admission work, curricular co and extracurricular activity etc. The department is associated with well `equipped Physics, Chemistry, Electrical laboratories.
Physic Lab
Bunsen's Photometer, Coefficient of absorption acoustical Materials , Liquid Penetration Kit, Permittivity of air by using flat condenser, Numerical aperture of the plastic fiber,Vernier Caliper, Micrometer Screw Guage, Compound Bar Pendulum, Resonance Tube, Joule's Calorimeter, Sonometer Apparatus, Spectrometer, Searl's Apparatus , Torsional Pendulum, Potentiometer, Thermocouple, Newton's Ring Apparatus, He-Ne Laser beam set up, Photocell,
Chemistry Lab
BTI Incubator, Besto rheostat, Ph Meter, BTI Muffle Kipp’s Apparatus, Electrolysis Apparatus, BIT hot air oven, Bunsen Burner

Dessicator with plate, SANSOI weighting balance, IR (Phillips) 250W, Conductivity meter digital, REMI-RQ- 122 dual purpose Stirrer,Fume Hood, Weingh Balance Capacity 2.2 Kg.
Language Lab
30 Number of Computer Windows xp sp2 Operating System, Open Office ,Linguaphone L-21 with Eyespeak
Lecturer in Humanities and Science Department
SR. NO Name Qualifications Post
1.   Mr Ingale P.D. M.Sc (Physics) HOD
2.   Mr Patil P.B. M.A (English) Lecturer
3.   Mr More N.T. M.Sc(Chemistry) Lecturer
4.   Mr Bhandare S.P. M.Sc (Physic) Lecturer
5.   Mr Sawant R.V. M.Sc (Chemistry) Lecturer
6.   Mrs Patil A.J. M.A(English) Lecturer
7.   Mrs Kadam K.J. M.Sc (Maths) Lecturer
8.   Mrs Deore Suchita M.Sc (Physics) Lecturer
9.   Mr Ingale G.D. M.Sc (Maths) Lecturer
10.   Mr Gorankar Saurabh M.Sc (Chemistry) Lecturer
Non - Teaching Staff
1.   Ms Naik Kiran M.SC(Chemistry) Lab Asst.